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April 8, 2013

Earthship Workshop + Seed Experiment

At the d.collective space in Berlin-Neukölln, Johannes presented his personal experiences as a student at Earthship Biotecture Academy in Taos, New Mexico, USA. Johannes explained the basic principles of Earthships and building radically sustainable homes with recycled materials. In the second part of the event the participants were invited to plant a seed and to start a community seed library. The seeds were given to us by a friend and were grown and harvested inside an earthship in Taos. The idea of the seed library is to share seeds, knowledge and stories a bout growing an independent (urban) farming community.bucket jojo letus seeds talk-jo talk-jo2 windowfarm

July 23, 2012

Hydroponic Windowfarm finds a Temporary Home in Kassel

When you ask someone what is going on in Kassel, Germany, at the moment most people will tell you about the famous exhibition, dOKUMENTA. That is certainly true, but we discorvered another project that makes this town a cultural-creative hotspot this summer. At the Temporary Home our friends from Moviemiento e.V. have set up camp in an abandoned office building to explore how our situation of crisis affects the notion of ‘home’ in its broader sense. In this urban setting, during the six week project run, temporary home literally manifests as a real home for a collective of international creatives who will live and work together in a joint investigation, a ‘lived-in installation’.

temporary home

Our team travelled to Kassel to discover the potential of a vibrant community that displays a new sense of urban living with a distinct appreciation of performing arts in a comfortable home. We loved the hospitality, the inspiring dialogues with the inhabitants and the other guests and the interest in our workshop and installation of a hydroponic windowfarm. With this workshop we were able to connect our experiences in urban farming with a global community through the Sealand Multiversity of the Seven Seas. Thank you Joy, Claudia and Tim for your support!

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