Earthship Biotecture Academy

The information and hands-on experiences we gathered at the Academy is invaluable and absolutely amazing.

In the eight-week training Program we learned how to build passive-solar houses which can be completely off-grid. Earthships are capable of providing electricity from renewable energy sources, contained sewage treatment, indoor food production as well as catching water for all your needs, which literally provides necessities survival and comfort in all climnates. The most inspiring part of this particular building method is that most parts of the buildings are magnificently constructed with the one most abundant and accessible resource, available and free the world over in excess… OUR GARBAGE.


The classes were held by Michael Reynolds and professional builders, former students, and experts in permaculture and aquaponics. Eight hours per week we learned everything from the basic principles to staging a non-profit building project in China, Jamaica or Sierra Leone.

In the lab-seminars we learned the fundamentals of wind and solar power systems, water management and architectural planning.


In the field we got the chance to apply our knowledge and hands-on experiences working side-by-side with our instructors at the E.V.E. Project- a pioneering ‘Sustainable Development Testing Site’ at the Earthship Headquarter, where new technologies and building methods are being researched and assessed by state building authorities.



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