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August 28, 2012

Citizen of the World

Being a citizen isn’t about your birth certificate or whether you have the right papers – it’s acting on our responsibility to stand up for the planet and other people. It’s about how you engage with society you live in. Author and educator Eric Liu says:

In simple terms, its really about how you show up for life, how you show up for community, how you live in the way thats not just about you. i think thats the broodiest conception of citizenship.

We, behind the Let Us Be Human Project, are ready to take this responsibility and are eager to share our experiences and knowledge with you through a documentary made by us, as an educational and inspirational tool. Through hands on experience we will learn sustainable building processes and the philosophy of what it is going to take to stop the destruction of our planet and improve the course of humanity.

Fall is fast approaching, and this will be the time which we will do most of our filming. We arrive in Albuquerque, New Mexico (at the moment, very hot and hummed) in a few short days. From there we will make our way to Taos and camp out the night before arriving at the Earthship Biotecture World Headquarters and Community. Taos is high in altitude, next to Sangre de Cristo Mountains and is known for it’s history and landscape.

We are very excited and thankful for your support so far, and we will keep you updated throughout our journey!
Please contact us if you have any questions.

May 21, 2012

EduACTION! Vision Summit 2012

The Vision Summit is Germany’s leading convention for Social Innovation, Social Impact Business and Entrepreneurship. Under this year’s motto EduACTION the Genisis Institute once again provided the platform for over 1200 people to assemble at the Vision Campus in Potsdam. The Vision Summit is a market place of ideas, the perfect environment to share your vision and to find inspiration from others. The three-day program was almost overfull with input sessions, interactive workshops and presentations of progressive educational programs and best practices. The stimulating atmosphere called for engaging conversations with other change-makers and social entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds.

The social-business movement in Germany seems to pick up pace and supporters and enthusiast of all industries understand the potential of social innovation and are taking action. The growing number of individuals, grassroot-entrepreneurs, educational institutions and businesses on a corporate level as well as small and large media channels are forming a strong network for positive change in our society. The summit is the platform to meet, share, foster and grow!

Here are the links to some of our favorite initiatives:

Youth Leader Magazine 

Open-Source Solar LED Lamps

School of Design Thinking

May 6, 2012

D.I.Y. Earthday Weekend at Open Design City, Berlin

D.I.Y. workshop-weekend at Berlin’s maker-space ‘open design city at Betahaus‘ April 21.-22.2012

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On earthday-weekend 2012 (22.-23.04.) the design thinking community deople network e.V. set up an open d.i.y. camp in the backyard of Betahaus.

Inspired by the designs and open-source idea of Britta Riley, founder of, one of the deople network members shared his insights and experiences from his home-experiments with windowfarming. The participants were able to build their own hydro-ponic farming systems, made of PET bottles, tubes and a small electric air pump. With the right water solution in the  system and a bit of caretaking 20 people will be able to grow their own food in their windows -at home, in the office or at the cafe. Plants are available from the next-door urban garden, Prinzessinnengärten.

With the support and funding of the Foundation Anstiftung&Ertomis, namely Tom Hansing and Christophe Vaillant, founders of werkstatt- lastenfahrrad, and a crowd of bike spinners, experienced welders and enthusiastic helpers, we put together three steel frames for community-owned cargo bikes. With the vision of providing post-fossil alternatives of mobility and transportation in local communities, these 2-wheelers will be riding around Berlin to deliver cargo or to transport a moving tool station for on-site prototyping in the neighbourhood…

Thank you all for the support, motivation and hard work!

Please connect if you are interested in building your own windowfarm or if you would like to use one of the cargobikes for your own project in Berlin.

March 22, 2012

Another Big Step Made…

We have all made the first payments towards our tuition fee for the Earthship Biotecture Academy to confirm our participation in the fall program… $1,200 paid! This is a big commitment for us, for which we are extremely excited and ready! For us to make it happen and make a difference, we still really need your support and guidance… so we canshare this incredible knowledge with you and the world. 😀

Donations are greatly appreciated…

March 14, 2012

IndieGoGo Campaign!

Our IndieGoGo Campaign is finally finished and ready to be supported and shared. Click on the link below to visit our platform!

Let Us Be Human Project on IndieGoGo!


Thank you.

March 12, 2012

Readable Roots

John Seymour was an influential figure in self- sufficiency movement, writer,
agrarian, environmentalist and advocate for self-reliance, personal responsibility,
conviviality and caring for Earth & for the soil.

He has written a truly inspirational classic. ‘The Fat of the Land’ First published in
1961 it has inspired thousands of people to live a little bit lighter on this earth. If you
are interested in a more self- reliant life or just reading about his way of doing it, go
to your local library, find this book and read it!

Book had a futuristic view in time, when it was written. Eco- awareness and
consumption of resources are not the only things referred in this book that are vital
today. He also talks about passing the knowledge of previous generations to modern

Enjoy reading.

March 3, 2012

Thank you, Anonymous.

Thank you for being the first supporter of our project. From here, the only way is up. Thank you for believing in us. 


February 24, 2012

Earthship in Haiti

One of a growing number of relief projects with Earthship Biotecture knowledge, captured and created by Paul America.

February 24, 2012

Fundamental Freedom Revolution

Friends of the Earth,

We are here to tell you that everything is gonna be alright. We are about to embark on our journey of our lives and you need to get on the bus! We just got our acceptance to Earthship Academy. This is the first step in a long but rewarding process of learning to live the way we want to live. We’re going to take complete control of our lives and share the whole experience with you, which is why we need your support, guidance, and encouragement. We are going to learn to build houses capable of supporting themselves fully and providing you with clean water, sustainable food, climate control, renewable clean energy and contained sewage treatment. The houses are built mostly from our garbage and recycled materials. They are environmentally conscious and adaptable anywhere in the world. We feel this is definitely a step in the right direction towards freedom for ourselves and others. Soon we will be launching a crowd-funding project to fund our documentation of this adventure. While posting here is free, many other costs arise in our path in our material world… from transportation to camera equipment to tuition… We hope we really can inspire some of you by doing what we are doing, and we will be gathering information with the intent of sharing our experience and new knowledge with you. If you can not help us in any other way right now, spreading this around would be all that we ask. Let the universe connect. Let’s be human.

December 1, 2011


Sustainability is to live with shifts and strategems, to carry on, causing no harm, only living in harmony with the earth which sustains us. It is taking responsibility for our actions and being aware of the impact we have, and feeling good about the consequences our actions have. Sustainability is a way of life we  have been learning about, experimenting with, and have yet to really achieve in its true form, because we need to be educated properly and remember how to live in harmony. … A sustainable life is the only way we should live.


This is why we have created this blog. To share inspiration and educational fuel with you, so that you can take control of taking care of yourself.

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