The Let Us Be Human Project started with the idea of three adventurous spirits to go on a collective journey to self sustainability and to document their findings. The three set out to build entire houses made of recycled materials and they travelled all the way from Berlin, Germany, to Taos, New Mexico, where they joined the Earthship Biotecture Academy…


We are a multi-national team and family based in Berlin, Germany and consisting of: Johannes: 27, imagineer, design-thinker, explorer and father, Sydney, 25, actress, model, dreamer, writer, communicator and mother, Laura: 25, traveller, photographer, adventurer, friend and aspiring anthropologist and Lola: 3, our amazing daughter and teacher!

We are hoping that our story and the on-going documentation of our learnings will inspire people to change the world around us. We will be sharing with you through filming, photographing, interviewing and blogging about our family’s learning experiences and adventures as we travelled from Europe to the mesa just outside of Taos. Along the way we visited other communities and alternative living options, seminars and projects gathering as much information and inspiration as we could.

If you have any questions about Earthships in general, if you are thinking about joining a training program or if you are planing a building anywhere around the world, please feel free to contact us and visit the Eathship Website.


So far, the creators and developers of this method of living have built not only homes for themselves and other communities in New Mexico, but have performed incredible relief missions, helping rebuild disaster zones, providing villages with clean water , involving and teaching the entire community and restoring hope in peoples lives. This proves the importance of learning about and spreading this knowledge. Just imagine all the possibilities for people now living in garbage dumps around the world, when they could be building themselves sustainable shelter.


We are very excited about allowing sustainable, responsible living become part of our daughters reality as well, which she will be able to share with her generation one day.

Let the journey continue 🙂

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