Our journey through the land of Enchantment

We made it. After a long, adventurous journey starting in Berlin our crew met up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and we couldn’t be more ecstatic to have finally arrived.

Our friends Talia and Kolby let us pitch our tent in the back yard amongst the chard, cherry tomatoes, chilies and chickens for a cozy first few days in the desert. Talia and Kolby were couch-surfers with us when they were backpacking Europe a few years ago… It’s spectacular to see familiar faces in such an unfamiliar place and to get a real good dose of hospitality in the quite inhospitable desert climate.

From Albuquerque we took a rail runner train to the old city of Santa Fe where we were greeted by pueblo-style adobe buildings, an old south-western rail yard, and a friendly, local farmer’s market.



After a few half hearted attempts to load ourselves, our two bikes and our six backpacks into a shuttle bus north, we decided to hitch a ride. We threw out the thumbs and fashioned ourselves a sign which read ”TAOS”. In spite of the fact that the three of us had about 70 miles to go, we made it to town before sundown and even stopped along the way for a much needed dip in the Rio Grande. The last 15 miles of our trip were with an ultra friendly, Taos-born, uncle and nephew duo who were by no means in a hurry. First, they showed us their elk hunting trophies, which spanned two generations. Then we meandered up the mountain to a bar called Don Carlos, where the feminine Let Us Be Human crew members were perhaps the first girls to show up there in about 20 plus years. Needless to say they treated us well, gave us a few roundson the house and were darn good company while watching the sunset over the Mesa of Taos…


As destiny would have it, our first night in town was spent only a few miles away from the Earthship Community. We camped outside our friend Susan’s old bus turned temporary home, while she builds her own earth bag house. .Exhausted and happy to finally be here we fell asleep under the amazing, awe inspiring, star filled sky of northern New Mexico.
Having arrived in the night, we were thrilled to wake up pretty much in the middle of nowhere and to an incredible sunrise over the mountains which surrounded us in every direction. As if that wasn’t enough, we were also greeted by a double rainbow over our heads and dusty golden clouds suspended in the morning sky.


What more signs could we ask for to know that we made the right decision to take this journey and to come out here all the way from Berlin.
Today was our first day at the Earthship Academy… We can’t wait to share our experiences with you…




One Comment to “Our journey through the land of Enchantment”

  1. Through a convoluted Facebook-hopping journey, I came upon this. What an awesome photo of the bus! Glad I got to connect with you guys while you were here. Hope our paths cross again sometime 🙂

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