EduACTION! Vision Summit 2012

The Vision Summit is Germany’s leading convention for Social Innovation, Social Impact Business and Entrepreneurship. Under this year’s motto EduACTION the Genisis Institute once again provided the platform for over 1200 people to assemble at the Vision Campus in Potsdam. The Vision Summit is a market place of ideas, the perfect environment to share your vision and to find inspiration from others. The three-day program was almost overfull with input sessions, interactive workshops and presentations of progressive educational programs and best practices. The stimulating atmosphere called for engaging conversations with other change-makers and social entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds.

The social-business movement in Germany seems to pick up pace and supporters and enthusiast of all industries understand the potential of social innovation and are taking action. The growing number of individuals, grassroot-entrepreneurs, educational institutions and businesses on a corporate level as well as small and large media channels are forming a strong network for positive change in our society. The summit is the platform to meet, share, foster and grow!

Here are the links to some of our favorite initiatives:

Youth Leader Magazine 

Open-Source Solar LED Lamps

School of Design Thinking


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