D.I.Y. Earthday Weekend at Open Design City, Berlin

D.I.Y. workshop-weekend at Berlin’s maker-space ‘open design city at Betahaus‘ April 21.-22.2012

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On earthday-weekend 2012 (22.-23.04.) the design thinking community deople network e.V. set up an open d.i.y. camp in the backyard of Betahaus.

Inspired by the designs and open-source idea of Britta Riley, founder of windowfarms.org, one of the deople network members shared his insights and experiences from his home-experiments with windowfarming. The participants were able to build their own hydro-ponic farming systems, made of PET bottles, tubes and a small electric air pump. With the right water solution in the  system and a bit of caretaking 20 people will be able to grow their own food in their windows -at home, in the office or at the cafe. Plants are available from the next-door urban garden, Prinzessinnengärten.

With the support and funding of the Foundation Anstiftung&Ertomis, namely Tom Hansing and Christophe Vaillant, founders of werkstatt- lastenfahrrad, and a crowd of bike spinners, experienced welders and enthusiastic helpers, we put together three steel frames for community-owned cargo bikes. With the vision of providing post-fossil alternatives of mobility and transportation in local communities, these 2-wheelers will be riding around Berlin to deliver cargo or to transport a moving tool station for on-site prototyping in the neighbourhood…

Thank you all for the support, motivation and hard work!

Please connect if you are interested in building your own windowfarm or if you would like to use one of the cargobikes for your own project in Berlin.


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