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March 22, 2012

Another Big Step Made…

We have all made the first payments towards our tuition fee for the Earthship Biotecture Academy to confirm our participation in the fall program… $1,200 paid! This is a big commitment for us, for which we are extremely excited and ready! For us to make it happen and make a difference, we still really need your support and guidance… so we canshare this incredible knowledge with you and the world. 😀

Donations are greatly appreciated…

March 20, 2012

Water Experience Station at Tempelhof Airport- die Globale & Xylem Watermark

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An Interesting  co-work recently happened in Berlin, at the Tempelhof airfield, the old ‘Luftbruecke’, where now various community projects take place. When we found out about the project, our team members Laura and Johannes had to go down there to see, what was once again happening in the backyard of Berlin.

We were surprised of how the event turned out, when a bus full of engineers and water experts arrived and were greeted by Karin and Marco, who had all the plans, material and tools ready for building a water experience station for the local community.

UPJ is a German national network of engaged businesses and local non-profit intermediary organizations, which connects businesses and society, contributing to solve social challenges and to shape sustainable communities. UPJ brought together Die Globale e.V.  and Xylem Watermark Inc. Together they equipped the Tempelhofer community and garden with a water way system which will be further developed and used as an outdoor learning environment for local children.

Die Globale e.V. is a Berlin-based non-profit organisation which focuses on practical education models for kids and their parents, to gain knowledge in nature through experiments and learning by doing.

They provided building materials, tools and a filled water tank from which the children can pump up water  down through carved wooden pipes to a small water-wheel, which was assembled on site. This provides a space for young students and kindergartners to learn about the movement of water, gravity, basic physics, as well as satisfying curiosity with thier own hands and imaginations. The project was left open-ended for the kids to decide for themselves how it will develop.

Engineers and chairmen of  Xylem Watermark Inc. were here in Berlin for a 2 day global conference.  Some of the time they spent here, was focused on direct work for the comunity, something Xylem tries to accomplish at every conference they attend.

It was great spontaneous teamwork and fun. Everybody enjoyed spending half a day building something together, putting their hands to work and having a good time for a good cause.

Also local kids were involved by providing necessary sand piles and learning from the experts, eventually they will have to finish the job themselves. Other volunteers were helping out with the construction or reporting about the project.

We appreciate that we were able to become part of this learning opportunity by helping out during the workshop, putting our hands to work and to cover the experience for our followers.

Die Globale Web

Xylem Watermark Web


Special thanks to Yehuda Swed for photo material

March 14, 2012

IndieGoGo Campaign!

Our IndieGoGo Campaign is finally finished and ready to be supported and shared. Click on the link below to visit our platform!

Let Us Be Human Project on IndieGoGo!


Thank you.

March 12, 2012

Readable Roots

John Seymour was an influential figure in self- sufficiency movement, writer,
agrarian, environmentalist and advocate for self-reliance, personal responsibility,
conviviality and caring for Earth & for the soil.

He has written a truly inspirational classic. ‘The Fat of the Land’ First published in
1961 it has inspired thousands of people to live a little bit lighter on this earth. If you
are interested in a more self- reliant life or just reading about his way of doing it, go
to your local library, find this book and read it!

Book had a futuristic view in time, when it was written. Eco- awareness and
consumption of resources are not the only things referred in this book that are vital
today. He also talks about passing the knowledge of previous generations to modern

Enjoy reading.

March 3, 2012

Thank you, Anonymous.

Thank you for being the first supporter of our project. From here, the only way is up. Thank you for believing in us. 


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